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President/Portfolio Manager

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My name is Wade Roberts, and I began a career in the investment industry in 1989—it’s the only career I’ve ever had.  With the support of my wife, Audrey, and our three adult kids, I have had the honor of working with people who truly become like family to me…so much more than just investment clients.

Roberts Wealth Management is built on the same core values that guide our family:  Respect, Integrity, Honesty, and Hard Work.  From Jeffersonville, Georgia, I grew up with the lesson that one must earn everything in life.  These ideals helped me earn a spot on the Kennesaw State basketball team during college—a game that I love and still play weekly to this day!

At our firm, we aim to be normal, good people who folks like to work with.  This approach has allowed us to have great success at making relationships that will last a long, long time.